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  • Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching both believers and those without faith.
  • Administered sacraments (Holy Communion etc.)
  • Participate in the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of The Gambia


1. Theology and leadership department


  • Establish Lutheran Center of theology and leadership training for the leaders of the church.
  • Evangelism
  • Establish congregations in the country.
  • Establish a centre for the study of Gambian languages.
  • This department serve as the main administrative department.
  • Develop church music and church reading materials in the local languages of the Gambia.
  • Facilitate radio programs on preaching of God's message to our audience in The Gambia.

2. Community Development Department

This department is plan to work with various department alongside government departments in the areas of:

  • Water Resources: For providing clean drinking water in the communities we serve if necessary through digging of wells, providing tap system, covering of wells etc .
  • Literacy: To conduct adult education in the communities we serve in the areas of community development sensitization, teaching adults how to write, read, orthography, calculations, history, geography and English grammar. Also to train adult education instructors and monitors.
  • Create vocational centers : for women and youth to enhance poverty alleviation in the communities we serve in areas like tye and dye, soap making, auto mechanic, metal workshop for youth by training them to be responsible in their communities.
  • Health: Sesitisation on major health issues, preventive education on health matters, support for primary health care services, and sensitization on AIDS.
  • Provision of youth Development facilities: Especially in the development of agriculture in the rural sector through community micro projects.

3. Department of social action of the Church:

  • Establish educational support without religious, gender, or tribal discrimination for the poor but brilliant children from nursery to university education
  • Establish a boarding system for poor but brilliant children by providing them with food, lodging and library facilities for their education.
  • Create a link between these children and their family.
  • Provide where necessary in communities we serve - travelers lodge(s) to help create lodging facilities for other departmental seminars, workshops and other genuine travelers.
  • Support government effort in times of natural disaster (relief)
  • Support state effort in the eradication of AIDS.


i) The members who believe and baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Sprit forms a congregation based on the principles of the church.

ii) A number of congregations in a given area form a parish that area.

iii) The parish assembly constitutes elected members within the congregation of that parish.

The parish council constitute:- The parish president and vice president, secretary, treasurer and their members.

Delegates to the synod or general assembly

Synod - is the general assembly of delegates

The council of the church constitutes:- President, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Administrative office of the church constitution: President and vice president, secretary and treasurer

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